Hello World

My Microsoft 365 journey

My name is Alexander Henkel and I was born in 1987
Since I was 13 years old I had a big interrest in computers
You can read more about my story below

About me

I still remember when school finished I rushed down to the school library to get a PC.

The goal was clear 🚀

I wanted to create my own webpage, and I figured out I could write HTML in notepad.

I read all the guides on w3schools.com, and when I came home (with no internet) I was creating all these amazing webpages, with no internet

In my sparetime, me and my friends played Counter-Strike 1.6 and if you where a serious clan, you should have a webpage. I spend countless of ours in Microsoft Frontpage, oh what a joy it was.

We used mIRC to communicate, and and I spend an entire summer holiday, scripting an MP3 player for mIRC. Do you also remember the Q bot? I made scripts to control it :)

While I was studying, I had a really good job at a local carpet manufacturer. When I finished my business education, I started working in the administration. With my interest in computers I was getting more and more involved in projects related to computers. I enjoyed making business processes more streamlined.

My first project was implementing a CRM system with more than 100 users worldwide (Microsoft Dynamics), and later on I was a big part of implementing a new ERP system (Infor M3)

In my department (working with sales & design) we printed everything in paper - when we could not print any faster, a new colleague was hired. It was really in-effective. So I decided to find a system, that could be customized to fit into our companies business processes.

When I was first introduced to SharePoint I had no idea how powerful it was in the hands of good developers.

With SharePoint, I changed the entire work process for a big part of the company. I also combined the processes with Power Apps, and I learned how to combine it with Power BI to get data we never had before.

We started to introduce SharePoint as our Intranet, Complaints, Sales Tool, Knowledge Bank etc.

I had been working for the same company for 23 years, and when the implementation of the SharePoint systems came to an end I was excited to learn more.

Therefore I decided to change course, and found a local company, were I could work with SharePoint and the Power Platform for the entire day.

This has been one of the best professional decisions I’ve made, and I learn so much from my colleagues.

To make great products I am reliable on the great community around the Microsoft products.

So this is me giving back - I might not be an expert but I am learning everyday, so follow my journey into the cloud

Alexander Skou Henkel